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Denver auto accident therapy

In the United States alone, tens of thousands of men and women experience injuries from accidents or unintentional occurrences. As Dr Rita Cummings, your go-to Denver chiropractor, can attest, the vast majority of these accidents are automobile related. However, accidents can likewise occur anywhere — including the seemly benign places Americans frequent every day, such as the home and the work place. Fortunately, many of these events can be prevented. Here are some simple precautions from your friendly auto accident therapists in Denver:

Denver Auto Accident Therapy: On the Road
In the United States alone, automobile accidents occur every 11 seconds; a fatality occurs every 12 minutes. Automobile accident victims — especially those with injuries such as whiplash — account for many of the patients chiropractors routinely treat. As your auto accident therapists in Denver can attest, the resulting injuries from car crashes can range from minor to life threatening. However, wouldn’t it be nice to avoid a trip to the doctor altogether? With a few simple precautions, this may be possible. For starters, slow down. Think about the drivers around you, who might not always be aware of your presence. Be aware, also, that roadway accidents also can include pedestrians or those riding a bicycle. The simplest common sense rules still apply: Obey traffic rules, look both ways when crossing streets, and make sure you can be easily seen by passing cars. The safest way to arrive is — you guessed it — alive. So save yourself a trip to the auto accident therapists in Denver by staying alert, driving defensively, and being mindful of those you are sharing the road with. If, under the unfortunate circumstances, you have suffered from a car accident, begin by determining if the situation is life threatening or time sensitive; if it is, immediately call 911. Follow-up care, however, once the immediate logistics are resolved, can take many forms, depending on the nature of your injuries. Denver auto accident therapy begins by your making the decision to seek the counsel of one of our skilled auto accident therapists in Denver.

The Home
If asked to name the safest place we frequent, most of us, including the Denver auto accident therapy experts at Tamarac Wellness Center, might guess the home. But the home harbors many dangers that can seriously injure you. The specialists at Tamarac Wellness Center, under the supervision of Dr Rita Cummings, can tell you that there are hazards in cleaning and maintenance supplies. In particular, the possibility of a serious fall can make for a possibly catastrophic, debilitating injury.

Accidents can — and most likely will — happen, but with some basic safety awareness and common sense most can be avoided and, when necessary, the Denver Accident Therapy specialists at can help.

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