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A Brief History of Chiropractic Care

D.D. Palmer, in 1895, performed the very first spinal adjustment to a man named Harvey Lillard; this restored the deafness resulting from a previous injury. In this moment, chiropractic was born! D.D. Palmer naturally became intrigued by this newfound technique, and studied it further. He quickly discovered that chiropractic was universally relevant, and could restore health to patients suffering from a wide variety of symptoms. This is based on the fundamentally positive impact chiropractic has on the joints and the nervous system. Today, the fact remains that chiropractors alone are the only healthcare professionals capable of restoring functionality to the nervous system.

The nerve roots, spinal cord, and brain are the physical elements which comprise the nervous system. The nervous system is the communicational center of the body, as it sends and receives signals that affect each aspect of our bodily functions. One could argue that, without a healthily functioning nervous system, childbirth would not be possible. This is why doctors across all medical spectrums agree that the nervous system is, in fact, the most protected component of the body (our skull and spinal column serve as “boney armor” protecting the nervous system from impactful injury).

Like all physical systems, everyday stresses and “wear and tear” can cause damages to occur to the nervous system. These stresses, if left unaddressed, can become incredibly dangerous. Spinal decay can occur (similar to that of tooth decay), and vertebral degeneration is also possible. The spine’s misalignment invariably interferes with the body’s central nervous system, and can therefore block communication or hinder its methods of delivery. This hindrance may not be noticeable at first, or might, over an extended period of time, cause countless other health problems: back pain, headaches, numbness, fatigue…the list goes on. Some of these ailments can disappear as quickly as they surface. Many others, however, take time and medical attention to properly heal.

Chiropractic can help. A specially designed chiropractic regimen of wellness care can address these concerns and more. Doctors of Chiropractic, more commonly referred to as “chiropractors,” are extremely well trained professionals. Their philosophy of wellness care centers on the fundamental belief that the body, if properly maintained, can heal itself when left to its own devices. Therefore, chiropractors do not prescribe medication nor advocate — when medically avoidable — unnecessary and often invasive surgeries. Chiropractors have mastered the art of the spinal manipulation; they are most commonly known for this technique and its mindful execution. In addition to spinal adjustments of varying kinds, chiropractors also — and often equally — advocate the incorporation of healthy lifestyle, proper nutrition, and maintaining a positive mental state. All of these components are necessary to eliminate health concerns and to overcome the various injuries and stressors which you may face throughout your life.

Most patients of chiropractic care respond positively to adjustments, often remarking that it simply “feels good!” This response, however standard, is the body’s way of communicating to you that you are addressing its needs and helping assist its process of natural healing. Chiropractors typically request a series of appointments over a short period of time; these adjustments will serve to address, isolate, and correct the spine’s natural tendencies and help achieve a gradual, healthier lifestyle. Of course, sometimes a chiropractic adjustment can cause pain or discomfort. This, while not ideal, is generally considered normal, but should nonetheless be communicated to the doctor without delay. Chiropractors are generally responsive and communicative individuals, and often pride themselves in their ability to understand their patients’ individual concerns and adjust their treatment accordingly. As always, if a chiropractor deems your particular medical condition to be outside his or her realm of medical expertise, he or she will be happy to refer you to a standard medical practitioner.

Chiropractors view themselves, and their practices, though a “big picture” lens; rather than masking initial disturbances with painkillers or numbing devices, they seek to understand the underlying factors impacting the body. Routine visits to the chiropractor have been proven to aid in the natural maintenance of bodily functions and restore the body to optimum health. If chiropractic is something you might be interested in or even if you have a simple question about chiropractic care and how it might behoove your current physical situation — do not hesitate to contact your local chiropractor today. With chiropractic, invariably, amazing physical results are possible!