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Denver Activator Method - The experts at Tamarac Wellness Center practice Activator Methods and can deliver pain relief to Denver residents.

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Denver Activator Method

The Denver Activator Method's low-force technique is, arguably, the most popular chiropractic method currently in use today. The Denver Activator Method - universally known by its generic name, simply, the "activator method" - was developed to restore and correct the body's balance. The Denver Activator Method's particular appeal, according to Dr Rita Cummings, is that uses specific adjustment systems that enable excellent comfort and safety - for both the patient and the doctor. This page introduces the Denver Activator Method, its various uses, and how it can be an effective part of your experience with Dr Cummings's Denver chiropractic practice.

The Denver Activator Method delivers its series of adjustments by way of a handheld instrument. The instrument in question has a spring-loading mechanism; this mechanism delivers a condensed impulse that corrects the segment of the spine that is dysfunctional. The correction made possible with the Denver Activator Method is often preferred, by patients, over the more aggressive "thrust" adjustments for which chiropractors are more commonly associated. The Denver Activator Method's instrument is able to deliver controlled and gentle thrusts. Patients, therefore, receive positive benefits without any unnecessary strain. Often hands-on adjustments cause the neighboring muscles to instinctively contract, in an effort to protect this area from any unwelcomed disturbance.

The Denver Activator Method's chiropractic approach provides an alternative to uncomfortable muscle contractions because this instrument works more quickly than a hands-on adjustment. The quick thrust leaves the muscles little time to contract. In this way, the Denver Activator Method can make the same adjustments with less force because there is no need to compensate for tight muscles. A patient, therefore, feels the sensation of a light thrust, but the instrument is, in fact, making a large adjustment. The Denver Activator Method's simple application makes its use suitable for patients of any age, body type, and physical condition. To conclude, the Denver Activator Method can deliver safe and effective treatments through a concentrated impulse to the spinal segment that is not functioning. As always, please contact Tamarac Wellness Center or Dr Cummings personally if you have any questions about this technique. We are here, as always to ensure your health, happiness, and well-being.

Denver Activator Methods