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Denver Corrective Exercises - Visit the premier exercise therapists in Denver CO at Tamarac Wellness Center Center. Serving your chiropractic needs since 1981.

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Denver Rehabilitative Exercises

The Tamarac Wellness Center’s Rehabilitative Exercises are thriving in both their practice and efficacy. Patients and chiropractors alike enjoy not only the results of these exercise therapies, but also how they impact a generalized chiropractic experience. You may be wondering: What are the specialized exercises used at Tamarac Wellness Center? How might they help improve my health?

Below are explanations of each of the Denver chiropractic rehabilitative exercises, detailing each. Please note: Before beginning any new therapy, including the Denver rehabilitative exercises recommended by the exercise therapists in Denver, you should consult with your own personal physician, such as Dr Rita Cummings. Each set of exercises can vary quite drastically from patient to patient because of fluctuating physical conditions during treatment. It's important to approach any exercise program, including exercise therapies utilized at Tamarac Wellness Center, with caution, pacing yourself according to your body's own limitations and levels of inspirations; these may vary from day to day.

Another note: The Denver rehabilitative exercises that follow serve as an overview — not as a comprehensive program reflecting the individual needs of each patient practicing these therapeutic exercises.

The single-leg squat addresses the balance, coordination and weight transfer necessary to correct movement deviations. The single-leg squat slows down movement in the hip and leg, allowing the glutes to extend and return the body to its natural standing position. Important: The key is to not rush this exercise so that the body can "remember" through muscle memory the correct transfer of weight (i.e., those used while walking). You should use a foam roller to isolate the gluteals.

Self-myofascial massage, another exercise recommended by exercise therapists in Denver, can be effective in correcting hip muscles used — or not used — during extended sitting. Today's modern world causes us to spend the majority of our time in seated positions, resulting in less hip usage than nature intended. The consequence? Our posterior hip and gluteals muscles become imbalanced where some muscles are overworked and others atrophy from lack of use. A foam roller can rejuvenate the glutes when used to keep it "active."

Both of these exercises suggested by the exercise therapists in Denver are just two of the many Denver rehabilitative exercises implemented today. You can learn more about the "scope" of these corrective exercises by contacting a exercise therapists in Denver at Tamarac Wellness Center.

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