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Fort Myers Diversified Technique - If you are searching for Diversified Adjusting in Fort Myers FL come visit Dr Rita Cummings Chiropractic today!

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7150 East Hampden Ave. #305
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Denver Diversified Technique

When the Denver Diversified technique is employed, subluxations (misalignment) of spinal bones are identified, and a specific, manual thrust is employed to loosen the stuck joints. With practice and full knowledge of spinal mechanics, Dr Rita Cummings applies just the right angle, speed, depth, and direction of the Denver Diversified technique to her patients. Energy deposited during the high-velocity thrust of the may produce a popping sound as a result of shifting gas and fluids in the joint. The ensuing spinal biomechanics improvement helps lower nervous system interferences.

We are happy you’ve taken the time to peruse our site and to learn more about the services available here, at Tamarac Wellness Center, for reliable Denver chiropractic care. Dr Rita Cummings has devoted the better part of her medical career to providing quality chiropractic care for patients and their families. We welcome the opportunity to assist new patients in enjoying a happier, healthier life. Diversified adjusting in Denver can help!

Tamarac Wellness Center works under the precept that a Doctor of Chiropractic should be an expert in their specialized chiropractic techniques, and this feat calls for experience and constant practice. In addition to the Denver Diversified technique, Tamarac Wellness Center offers different types of adjusting methods. Knowing about the different techniques we employ will help you define the kind of care you can expect from Dr Cummings.

Over time, we’ve found that most of our patients respond to traditional chiropractic care in the form of the Denver Diversified technique. Diversified adjusting in Denver is regarded as a “classic” chiropractic technique; chiropractic care students spend a substantial amount of time learning, practicing, and perfecting the art of Diversified.

Diversified adjusting in Denver is a simple, comfortable experience. If, at any point during an appointment, you feel any discomfort whatsoever while experiencing the Denver Diversified technique, speak up. Dr Cummings is extremely communicative, and will temper each adjustment to her client’s specific needs. Through the use of Diversified adjusting in Denver, we greatly look forward to helping you with your goal of living a healthier, more enjoyable life. We are here for you.

Diversified Adjusting Denver