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Denver Applied Kinesiology

We're glad you're interested in learning more about the Denver Applied Kinesiology technique. Here, you'll find general information about the particular system of analysis, Denver "AK" chiropractic, used by our expert chiropractors at Tamarac Wellness Center to aid the diagnostic process. A skilled Denver AK chiropractic doctor can assess underlying internal problems, thereby treating the whole body as well as relieving particular, more acute symptoms; Dr Cummings is such a doctor.

You've probably heard that the entire human body is a complex and each system within the body depends on neighboring systems to maintain general wellness. The body is a mass of circuits, like the wiring in a house. You may not be aware that each muscle in the body is tied to a certain acupuncture meridian, and each bone is connected to a circuit. Even your organs are included in this web of wiring, and your emotions are connected to your organs and glands. So, if stress leads to a problem in your adrenal gland, for example, this could throw the sartorius muscle out of place, which, in turn, could throw off the alignment of, say, your hip. Dr Cummings, a Denver chiropractic doctor capable of performing Denver Applied Kinesiology, may use the Denver "AK" chiropractic techniques to design a treatment for the hip, the adrenal glands, and the overall experience of stress.

At Tamarac Wellness Center, we incorporate the Denver Applied Kinesiology technique as part of our regular chiropractic treatment. Dr Cummings, as a wellness doctor, is concerned with the function of the entire body. No one wants to have their spine adjusted, only to have to return two weeks later because disturbed muscles have again pulled it out of alignment. Here at Tamarac Wellness Center, we use the Denver Applied Kinesiology technique to obtain information about the body and its nervous system through muscle-testing indicators.

With Denver "AK" chiropractic techniques, you'll be assessed through touch, body language, and pressure. It is amazing how much the body can communicate through the feeling of the skin, underlying muscle tensions, and concentrated pressure point beds. The way you carry yourself can give Dr Cummings, your Denver Applied Kinesiology practitioner, a lot of information. During a typical treatment, she'll assess how you respond to gentle pressure on your arms, legs, and other body parts.

Above all, know this: You can live a healthy, happy, pain-free life. The Denver "AK" chiropractic technique's aim is to soothe your symptoms and to address the underlying physical, mental, and behavioral patterns that can help you live the life of your dreams.

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