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7150 East Hampden Ave. #305
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Denver massage

At Tamarac Wellness Center, we focus on various forms of massage therapy, such as Swedish, Sports Massage, Deep Tissue/ NMT, Hot Stone, Myofascial Release and many more. We believe that this keeps our practice in massage modern and varied in techniques. So you can be assured that we have a modality that can best fit your needs. Our massage therapists are licensed professionals and, in most cases, can adapt their style to give you exactly the type of treatment you are looking for.  

Throughout the centuries, massage therapy has remained an effective method of healing preferred across many different cultures. In present-day United States, massage therapy is classified as a method of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM). It can serve both in conjunction with or independently of the more conventional practices of modern medicine. With the expertise of Dr. Rita Cummings, our Denver chiropractor and our Denver massage therapy staff, your experience with chiropractic care can be further enhanced with the specialized type of Denver massage therapy we offer. Massage therapy in Denver is a two-way process. We need you to initiate contact, do your research, and see and decide for yourself that massage therapy in Denver offers the best professional care for your ailment. Read up on massage therapy in Denver, and talk to our Denver massage therapy staff members personally. Receive professional advice on structuring your treatment — and commence upon a healthier, more energetic life now!

Under Dr. Cummings’s care, Denver massage therapy brings the latest techniques and discoveries in massage therapy to you. Massage therapy in Denver is tailored to specifically to each individual's condition. Thus, it may appear somewhat different between patients, and even between sessions. Our therapists will first inquire about your medical history, current symptoms, and desired results. Massage therapy has existed for thousands of years. Although the essence of “healing through touch” has not changed, the practice nowadays is much more sophisticated. Massage therapy in Denver, along with Dr. Cummings's chiropractic care, will provide you with the most current developments in the field to ensure the best results most efficiently. Whether needing to relax and forget your worries, or help you on the road to total wellness.

In a national survey, about one-fourth of adult Americans said that they've used massage therapy as a means to pain relief. Indeed, Denver massage therapy, used in the context of chiropractic care, is highly effective in relieving pain, supporting and maintaining spinal alignment, and rehabilitating physical injuries. Furthermore, massage therapy in Denver is dynamic in alleviating stress, anxiety, and depression, thereby enhancing one's overall mental — and physical — well-being. If you observe our clients after an appointment, you'll see that everyone leaves more buoyant, even with a smile!

massage Therapy in Denver