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7150 East Hampden Ave. #305
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Denver Pilates Instructors

Movie stars, athletes, and fitness experts rave about a form of exercise that dancers have known about for years. Pilates is an exercise-based program that works to strengthen the body's core and help realign balance in the musclo-skeletal system. Pilates is for EVERYONE, no matter their age, body type, or fitness level. 

Pilates also is an excellent form of rehabilitative physical therapy for patients who are recovering from injuries or suffering from diseases such as arthritis and Multiple Sclerosis. Many women find Pilates is an excellent form of exercise during pregnancy because it is non-impact and can be individualized to the needs of a changing body. Regardless, your Denver chiropractic care specialists can advise you as to what particular exercises might behoove your personal ailments.

Why are we Different?
The Pilates studio at Tamarac Wellness Center is unique since our approach to Pilates is very different than what is usually offered at gyms and health clubs. Many of our clients enjoy the individualized training they receive in a private session. Classes are never larger than three people and are taught by a certified Pilates instructor in our healthcare center. In addition, the doctor monitors the Pilates classes in order to protect against possible injury. Pilates sessions are by appointment only.

Classes are held daily!

You must pre-register to attend. Please call us at 303.756.2737 to get scheduled!

Don't see a time that works for you? LET US KNOW! We are currently putting together an exciting new class schedule and we want to know what you want!

Pilates Classes:
Monday and Wednesday: 12:00pm - 1:00pm
Saturday: 8:30am - 9:30am
Private classes are available upon request


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