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Dr Cummings Testimonials

My first visit to Tamarac Wellness Center was in 1993 when I had become seriously ill and western medical treatments were unable to assist me. A coworker recommended her Denver chiropractor, Dr Cummings, to me at that point and within days of being treated by her, I began to find relief. I had been in such pain that I felt she literally saved my life.

One could dismiss this miraculous recovery as a fluke, but I learned over the years that followed and as other issues came up, that Dr Cummings was a true healer. Since that time 17 years ago, I have had other medical issues have surfaced; Dr Cummings flawlessly diagnosed and treated me each time. She was always able to validate my pain and cure it. Most recently, my body became toxic and, again, the traditional doctors could not figure out what was wrong. Dr Cummings, on the other hand, was able to recommend dietary changes, acupuncture, and some Chinese herbs to combat my symptoms. Literally—within days — my body started visibly healing. I lost 11 pounds in three days. What seems amazing to me, and is certainly a testament to Dr Cummings’s character, is that she never practices outside her area of expertise or pretends to know more than a traditional medical doctor. I will say, however, that the alternatives she provides have the ability to heal and I always consult her first before I make a regular doctor's appointment. I believe in her so much that I have recommended many people to her over the years. The resounding consensus from has been that she is brilliant, passionate, caring, and competent. I would trust her with my life without question.

One of my most emotional experiences with was with Tamarac Wellness Center my grandmother visited Dr Cummings because, for ten years, she lost mobility in her neck. My grandmother had a mass of tissue so large that it extended from her shoulders to the base of her skull; she had to turn her entire body to see around. My grandmother began treatment at Tamarac Wellness Center using acupuncture and, over time, dissolved the mass of tissue. The day my grandmother was able to turn her head from side to side is still burned into my heart. My grandmother was so elated that you would have thought she’d just won a million dollars. She was thrilled and so was I. The treatment gave my grandmother back her hope and improved her quality of life exponentially.

Dr Cummings's healing power goes beyond the scope of what I can adequately describe because I know that she has helped so many people. I feel that each and every one of her patients has been blessed to have her touch their lives. I can say, without a doubt, that she is an angel sent to heal the wounded and I feel fortunate that I was touched by this angel.

- Christina D.

When I started Denver chiropractic care with Dr Cummings, as a result of Lupus and other maladies, I was on the verge of taking a leave of absence from my job and was already past the point of requiring assistance to perform everyday living functions such as shopping, laundry, running errands, and etcetera. Dr Cummings's vast knowledge, understanding, and expertise enabled me to regain my nutritional balance and develop and work on an overall program for long-term wellness. Dr Cummings has turned my life around!

- Joanne H.

Going through a lifestyle change in my mid 50’s was hard enough, but seeing these drastic changes and sleepless nights reflected in my face, caused me to be even more depressed. I resigned myself that, as soon as I could, I would get a complete facelift. My Denver chiropractor, Dr Cummings, encouraged me to try her facial acupuncture service, as well as use the Physiodermie skin care regimen she sells in her office. I must say, I was doubtful that such a mild intervention would do anything to improve my dark-circled eyes, winkled forehead, and lack-luster complexion. But, thankfully, the facial acupuncture changed that all around. Within two months, my skin looked as good as it did ten years prior — and for me, looking 43 years old isn’t a bad thing!!! I continue to be “maintained” with periodic facial acupuncture service and still use the Physiodermie products every day and night. Not only am I looking younger to my friends, I also look into the mirror and feel much younger, too!  Dr Cummings, you have saved me from the “knife” and I am so grateful for that!!!

- Krisandra P.

As a long-time chiropractic client of Dr Cummings, I’ve battled lower-back pain and even a sprained sacroiliac joint. Despite Dr Cummings’s repeated suggestions that I join Pilates sessions to strengthen my core, I balked at the financial commitment. In January 2009, I decided to invest more in my health by joining Pilates sessions provided at . The results have been nothing but positive. Not only are my abs more toned, my whole body is more toned! Daily tasks such as toting a large basket of laundry or carrying grocery bags up the stairs have become less taxing. As for the lower- back pain, it’s history. I even took a three-day road trip cross country without any ensuing lower-back issues!

-Michelle A.

My daughter had terrible food allergies and they were affecting her school work, sports performance, and overall energy level on a daily basis. After working with Dr Cummings, we noticed positive changes almost immediately! Now my daughter is almost completely allergy free and is thriving in each area of her life. My whole family has now benefited from Dr Cummings’s wisdom and full spectrum of her alternative services. We pretty much consider Dr Cummings our primary doctor for what ails us — she’s that good!

- Nina

My Sleep Apnea is gone and I am free from back pain for the first time in 20 years. Thank you, Dr Cummings!

- Tim

Just over one year ago I began having digestive problems. I have always had a healthy diet but I was gaining weight as well as having trouble keeping my meals down. Within an hour of having lunch or dinner, my body would reject what I had just finished. I went to the doctor and they could not find the cause. Six months ago, Dr. Cummings told me she thought I had food allergies and I should take a food sensitivity test. I took the test and was shocked at the results. I had a high sensitivity to the foods that I had been eating my whole life. Using the results of this test, Dr. Cummings recommended that I cut out the foods that I have a strong reaction to for six months and within a week I began to feel better than I had felt in a long time. I lost weight and feel great! I can’t thank Dr. Cummings enough for what she has done for me.

- Becky

I’ve been going to Pilates at Dr. Cummings office for the past four years and I can’t say enough positive things about the classes. Before going to Tamarac Wellness, I was going to the gym to workout and would have back pain afterwards. Within a short time of starting the Pilates classes with Dr. Cummings, my back pain was gone. I love the wonderful effects of Pilates on my body. My legs and arms are more toned and I am thrilled that I have much more flexibility.

- Becky

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